Foo Fighters Wasting Light campaign

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For the release of the new Foo Fighters album “Wasting Light” New Music Labs and Sony Music Netherlands came up with an idea to give it some buzz. A white Foo Fighters limousine would drive throughout the country for three days in a row. Anyone who would spot it, catch it on camera and share the picture on Twitter would have the chance to win a meet and greet at Pinkpop.

The Wrong Songs helped to refine the concept and crafted a website that showed the current location of the limo, based on a GPS logger and all the pictures and buzz on twitter. To make life somewhat easier for the fans, we also gave an overview of the latest clues tweeted by the limo driver and Dutch radio DJ Eric Corton. You can still check the remains of the site out at www.foofighterswhitelimo.nl or check the screenshot below!


Initial concept by New Music Labs, built together with Thinkbright and Bigshot Concepts.